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"Laurie's programs are always memorable, with fun, whimsical commentary thrown in.  She is creative and innovative."  - John McIlvannan, Brookdale Village at Skyline


"Laurie is an amazing force for good —demonstrating warmth, commitment, grace, and joy!"  - Carl Chevallard, Conduct Your Life Consultants


"Laurie is a master teacher with a wonderfully honest manner." - Tom Fleecs, Colorado Springs School District Eleven


"Laurie helps people connect with each other and really get to know each other so they can take their learning experience to another level."  Rich Allen, Tour de Profit


"Each time she gave a different point, there was always a segment where she would tell us what we could do better."  -Christine Lockridge, Lockridge Academy on Wheels


"Laurie has a fresh way of looking at school culture, and the concepts she shares are eye-opening."  Debbie Sardone, Kyso Consulting


"Laurie inspired one of my kids who felt like he was stuck in a rut and now wants to assert himself more in school."  -Zach Schneider, Mountain View Core Knowledge School


"It made me want to change myself into being a more humble person and it made me want to give more to other people and do as much as I can for the community." -youth group member, First Lutheran Church of Colorado Springs


"She got to know people in our organization better than I know some of them. She had a completely customized message and talked to us about us in a way that made for a complete connection." - Grant Rampy. CHEMetrics

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