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The problem is real...
but there is a solution


Attrition in the teaching field has been increasing steadily since the 1980s and is now at a crisis level.  Districts are scrambling to replace teacher vacancies in unprecedented ways, using war veterans, uncertified teachers, and in many cases overloading already-overwhelmed teachers by having them cover subjects that are not within their expertise.


One remedy that seems to be under-utilized: keeping the teachers who are already in the classroom from quitting.


Teacher Rescue has ways to do just that.


We break it down into four primary components:


  1. Make teaching less stressful.

  2. Give faculty a sense of connection.

  3. Improve communication between teachers and leadership.

  4. Reframe the narrative by defining why schools exist.


Step one provides teachers with strategies that help them de-stress. These are quick exercises that can be performed in just a few minutes a day. They do not add

to teachers’ full plates but instead give them a fresh perspective and a reset of the chaos. The activities are creative, fun and new — not just breathing exercises or nutrition tips.


Step two is a completely tailored program that allows teachers, principals, and other staff to get to know things about each other that they previously never had time to find out. This team-building experience will bond faculty for the school year and beyond, setting up a solid foundation that eliminates the isolation many teachers feel. It doesn’t stop there; the school will receive materials to keep the connection and engagement going in a way that does not take away big portions of teachers’ classroom or planning time. It includes gamification and incentives, and can be accessed as much or as little as desired.


Step three contains a mini-training for leadership on how to communicate effectively and positively with staff. This initiative includes material from the John Maxwell Leadership Program; a proven, world-renowned enterprise that has helped thousands of schools and businesses thrive. This coaching module also includes conflict-resolution strategies and systems for gathering and implementing teacher input, which will validate the staff and lift the school culture to even higher levels.


Step four is a deep dive into why we do this job in the first place. Beyond just a  mission statement, each person is called to make a positive daily impression on every student encountered. Each person is called to examine their triumphs, struggles, and journey. A process is set into action whereby the faculty regularly checks in with the big picture that brought them to the profession and reminds them that they are doing one of the most important jobs on the planet.




Learn at your own pace with year-long access to this course.



Book a half-day course in communications  and conflict resolution for leadership.

staff meeting.png


Schedule a one-hour in-person traning for your faculty.



Receive a customized system for consistently improving staff relations and effectively onboarding new hires.

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