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KEYNOTE / LUNCH AND LEARN - An adult-geared, highly participatory 45-minute encapsulation of the exercises in Eyes of Wonder: How to Recapture Your Childlike Spirit.  Participants will learn how to increase their focus, look at things from fresh perspectives, ignite dormant creativity, turn on their imaginations, and communicate more effectively.  They will receive a takeaway list of actionable steps to keep the momentum going.

10-MONTH PROGRAM - A recurring program focusing on one element per month with kick-off keynote, assessments, consultation services, and weekly focus assignments.


RETREAT - A three-day recharge for grown-ups looking to express their creativity, indulge their curiosity, boost their focus on the positive, and diminish negative thoughts. Sessions include music lessons, arts and crafts, yoga, photography, creative writing, social games, nature walks, historical scavenger hunts, and more. Think summer camp for adults. A signed copy of Eyes of Wonder: How to Recapture Your Childlike Spirit is included


SCHOOL ASSEMBLY - Individually tailored for grades 1-8, Laurie's 30-minute "Paint Your World" assembly focuses on holding onto the childlike qualities that can serve us in adulthood, particularly that of seeing everyone around us as a potential friend. This assembly centers around imagining the world one might want to inhabit and consistently taking steps to make that world a reality, with heavy emphasis on social emotional learning. 

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